The Man with the Plan

David Gergis

My name is David Gergis. With over 12 years of accounting experience, I have acquired a significant understanding of personal and business finances, budgeting and tax planning. Aside from my accounting services, I specialize in providing strategic counsel to my clients that enables them to increase their financial literacy and accomplish their financial goals in record time.  I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy from Berkeley College and a Master’s of Science in Accountancy from St. Peter's University.

My formal education as well as 12 years of experience providing accounting services for luxury brands, million dollar corporations as well as launch phase entrepreneurs provides me with an enate ability to give comprehensive accounting, planning and bookkeeping services to clients of all phases.

As an accountant and tax preparer, I understand the importance of my role within a client’s life and operation. My dedication to providing hands on, results-oriented services while educating my clients along the way is the unique edge I bring to the organization.

My affiliations include American Accounting Associations and National Society of Accountants. You and your business are in good hands with Everyday Accounting!

Our Clients

the core values that drives everyday accounting


Everyday Accounting works with individuals and businesses of all sizes, backgrounds and financial statuses. We understand that no two businesses, two people or two situations are alike. We work WITH our clients, putting forth the time, attention to detail and expertise to develop a financial plan that profits them the most!


Everyday Accounting is committed to operating in full transparency. We have studied, understand and operate within the full guidelines of the law and understand our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, their businesses and their employees. With simple, upfront and published pricing – you can rest assured we are providing each of our clients with the highest level of service.


Everyday Accounting continues to study updated tax, reporting and financial laws, deductions and loopholes to ensure we prepare the correct, customized and profitable strategy for each of our clients. We take the time to fully understand your business, your goals, your needs, as well as current challenges to ensure that we maximize profits while remaining in line with federal law.


Financial Literacy is a lifestyle that builds legacy for generations to come. Everyday Accounting is committed to providing value, knowledge and ongoing education to our clients so that they can continue to make daily decisions that increase their profitability, sustain their businesses long term and create generational wealth within their community.