Bookkeeping & General Accounting

We handle your books so you can focus on expanding your vision. We summarize, analyze and report transactions while accurately preparing financial statements to ensure your business operates at its highest profitable potential.

We categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, report earnings and track upcoming taxes and deductions. We provide easy to review reports that keep you at the helm of your business without the distractions of mundane tasks.


We categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, report earnings and track upcoming taxes and deductions

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Discovery session

Schedule a free call to review your current business model, expense tracking and goals to find the right fit and platform to keep track of your books

Dedicated bookkeeper

While technology is great, having a live person that can ensure proper recording, reconciling and strategic planning of your financial is a HUGE bonus

Financial reports

We reconcile, report and close all of your financial data and records to ensure you are set up for expansion, taxes and review. We provide easy to review statements plus live monthly support

Margin increasing strategies

We review your current operations, financials, expenses, tax liabilities and industry standards to ensure we find margin increasing strategies for your business.


Our other services

Tax Preparation

We help prepare, file and oversee the proper filing of your taxes and maximize your returns


Simplifying tracking, paying and monitor employee pay schedules, income taxes and reporting

Financial Strategy

Provide a detailed customized strategy to help grow your business, increase profit and expand


We provide mobile notary services at our office, your office or your home by appointment.

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From corporate filings to tax deductions to maximizing your annual returns -
We have your answers

Results You Can Depend On

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Always Up to Date

Your business finances will remain up to date throughout the year giving you leverage in every business negotiation, closing or opportunity that arises as you grow.

Accurate Books

We keep meticulous records of your expenses and ensure that they are recorded and reconciled correctly.

Plan for Growth

With an accurate view of your revenue and expenses, you are able to make wise growth and expansion decisions with accurate margins, cashflow and expenses laid out before you.