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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

Our firm specializes in tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping, payroll, financial planning, notary services and general accounting services for both personal and business needs

How long to filings take?

Tax filings range based on the preparation and the organization of the client however most take 48 hours for personal and up to 5 business days for businesses. Exact timeline will be discussed at booking.

Can I trust Everyday Accounting?

The answer is YES! but not just from us. All of our clients receive professional and personalized service and everyone leaves us with a 5 star review - not just for service but for the amount of money they save, get as a refund and maximize by claiming deductions.

How do I book a Call?

You can book a free consultation to assess your needs and receive a specific price quote for your project or service. This call will be directly with tax expert, David Gergis.

I booked Ask me Anything, Now What?

David will review all of your submitted questions and confirm if you have additional needs or specific information. He will research the answers specific to your industry and company to provide a customized roadmap for the questions you have? 

I bought the book but dont see how to download it.

Once you purchase the book, you will automatically receive a receipt with a link for the book. This allows you to always have access to your copy. If, for any reason, you dont immediately receive a receipt from square, please contact us directly so we can ensure prompt delivery.