Processing payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task for any manager or human resources representative. It requires meticulous record-keeping, comprehensive tax knowledge, extreme attention to detail and efficient work habits.

THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN: EA payroll services reduce the amount of manual responsibility and time needed to process payroll ensuring your employees are paid on time, accurately and your business runs efficiently.


We handle your payroll needs so you can focus on expanding your business and increasing profitability.

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Schedule a free call with our Payroll Team and receive a customized payroll plan and budget

Custom for your business

We review the best practices and services that fit your individual business needs

Set up and Onboarding

We set all the programs, platforms and operations up for your business so you can pay employees in a few easy clicks

Payroll taxes done right

We automatically handle all payroll associated taxes for you and your employees to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Service


Our other services

Tax Preparation

We help prepare, file and oversee the proper filing of your taxes and maximize your returns


We categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, report earnings and track upcoming taxes and deductions

Financial Strategy

Provide a detailed customized strategy to help grow your business, increase profit and expand


We provide mobile notary services at our office, your office or your home by appointment.

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From corporate filings to tax deductions to maximizing your annual returns -
We have your answers

Results You Can Depend On

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Automatic Reporting of Taxes

Everyday Accounting will report and process payroll taxes for your company and employees ensuring you stay compliant throughout the year

Simplify Payments

We help business owners simplify their payroll protocols saving them time and money

Expert Support

Our team can handle any questions, concerns or support your employees need concerning their payroll, direct deposit or tax deductions