Tax Preparation
& Planning

Everyday Accounting specializes in preparing taxes for businesses and personal filings. We examine your current revenue streams, employment and classifications to ensure your business maximizes deductions and you personally maximize your return.

We help you stay ahead of tax time by strategically planning your expenses, deductions, prepayments and filing status to ensure your end of the year tax bill or return promotes your financial goals.

Tax Services

We help prepare, file and oversee the proper filing of your taxes and maximize your returns while strategically planning for tax savings, payments and maximized returns

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We prepare your taxes to maximize deductions and return within 5 business days (for business) and within 2 business days (personal)


Safe, secure and confidential protocols to ensure the correct filing of taxes with the IRS and expedite your return.

Expenses & Deductions

We help track and plan your expenses, deductions and classifications to ensure your year end tax bill or return promotes your financial goals.


Strategically plan for tax savings, payments and tracking of deductions to maximize returns, minimize tax bill & set you up for financial success.


Our other services


Simplifying tracking, paying and monitor employee pay schedules, income taxes and reporting


We categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, report earnings and track upcoming taxes and deductions

Finanical Strategy

Provide a detailed customized strategy to help grow your business, increase profit and expand


We provide mobile notary services at our office, your office or your home by appointment.

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Planning to Strategize Your Expenses

Tax planning is a year round task that requires you to look at the bigger picture throughout the year. We help you strategize your expenses, classifications and deductions in a way that bring the end of year financial results you want!

Maximize Your Deductions & Return

We help business owners track and maximize their deductions while keeping the most in your personal pocket!

Safety Protocol

We follow the safest protocols to ensure your information is handled securely and that your filing is done properly to avoid any issues with the IRS.